Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

  • When: July 20 Time: 9 pm ET
  • Where AT&T Stadium in Texas
  • Stream / TV: Live on Netflix

Netflix and Most Valuable Promotions are teaming up to bring you the kind of heavyweight boxing showdown that sounds like it was dreamt up during a wild night out. We’re talking Jake Paul, who’s been knocking folks out left and right, gearing up to take on the legend, the myth, the meme generator himself, Mike Tyson, in a fight that’s going to have folks spilling their popcorn. This whole shebang is going down live on Netflix, beamed directly from the mammoth AT&T Stadium in Texas, turning a regular ol’ Saturday into an all-out boxing bonanza.

Jake Paul, fresh off sending a couple of pros back to the drawing board with his fists, is now setting his sights on Tyson, the man, the myth, the ear-biter. It’s like watching a high school phenom challenge the retired schoolyard bully to a duel at high noon. Paul’s journey from viral KO artist to stepping in the ring with Tyson is the kind of stuff that makes you believe in the power of hashtags.

On the other side, you’ve got Mike Tyson, who’s essentially the final boss in the boxing video game of life. With a track record that reads like a list of achievements in a heavyweight boxing RPG, Tyson is lacing up to remind everyone why he’s the guy your grandparents warned you about. It’s a classic old school meets new school, wisdom meets bravado, and honestly, it’s going to be a hoot.

Behind all this madness is Most Valuable Promotions, who’ve been stirring the pot in the boxing world since they popped up on the scene. They’re now shaking hands with Netflix to shoot this mega fight straight into the stratosphere, promising an event that’s got a little something for everyone, from boxing die-hards to the “I’m just here for the memes” crowd.

Netflix, meanwhile, is sitting pretty, adding this clash of titans to its ever-growing list of “Why am I still awake at 2 AM?” content.

Netflix, not one to shy away from the sports spotlight, is adding this mega fight to its roster of gripping sports tales. With a history of bringing fans to the edge of their seats, Netflix is all geared up to deliver this punch-packed event, marking another milestone in its live sports saga.


Jul 20 2024


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  • Timezone: America/Chicago
  • Date: Jul 20 2024
  • Time: 7:00 PM - 10:40 PM


AT&T Stadium


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Most Valuable Promotions


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