McCann vs Baluta - TNT Sport - Aug. 18 - 2 pm ET

McCann vs Baluta – TNT Sport – Aug. 18 – 2 pm ET

Dennis McCann will battle it out with Ionut Baluta at the legendary York Hall live on TNT Sports. McCann, just 22, is on fire! With a shiny 14-0 record, boasting 8 KOs. Remember his matches against Charles Tondo, James Beech Jr, and Joe Ham? Yep, he claimed some serious titles there.

And then we’ve got Baluta, the powerhouse. His recent victory over Andrew Cain? Talk of the town. No doubt, he’s eyeing to give young McCann a challenge. Tickets for the McCann vs Baluta are still availabe at

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  • Date: Friday, August 18
  • Time: 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. ET
  • Main event ringwalks (approx): 10 p.m. BST / 5 p.m. ET
  • TNT Sport will broadcast the fight in the UK
  • The fight will take place at York Hall in London.
  • The event is set to get underway at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. ET with the main event ringwalks scheduled for 10 p.m. BST / 5 p.m. ET.

“Dennis the Menace himself and he’s got his own bus today,” began the interviewer from IFL TV, adding that it felt like a significant fight week. McCann, in his ever-confident style, chimed in, acknowledging the great addition to his entourage.

“Proper,” he said, describing his bus. And it wasn’t just the bus catching attention. McCann’s outfit was equally a topic of conversation, looking sharp and ready for the challenges ahead.

Preparing for a fight isn’t just about physical training; it’s also about discipline and sacrifices. McCann joked about abstaining from “sweets and treats” until the end of the fight.

“Stay off it till Friday night and hopefully you can have a lot of treats then,” he quipped, with the focus clearly on the upcoming match.

Baluta, known for his toughness, is not one to be underestimated. But when asked about the challenge he presents, McCann exuded confidence, implying not just a win but a possible knockout.

“We know about Baluta. He’s a tough, proud man… but the W’s the main thing, of course, and I’ll do anything to get my hand raised on Friday night.”

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McCann also emphasized that, from his perspective, he’s in the best shape ever. And his team seems to echo that sentiment, underlining the gravity of this bout.

When questioned about Baluta’s previous fight with Andrew Kane, McCann’s response was short yet telling, “Foreign.” The actual context or interpretation of the word isn’t explicit, but it’s evident McCann has studied his opponent and has strategies in place.

The night isn’t just about McCann and Baluta. Prepare for a rollercoaster undercard:

  • Nathaniel Collins, the featherweight star, is defending his titles against the formidable Raza Hamza. Edge-of-the-seat stuff!
  • Ryan Garner from Southampton? Garner is chasing the WBC International super featherweight title. After his showstopper against Eduardo Valverde, who wouldn’t bet on him?
  • Raven Chapman is not just defending her title; she’s warming up for something even bigger.

Plus, keep an eye out for fresh talents like Umar Khan, Khalid Ali, Sonny Liston Ali, and Joel Kodua. They’re the future, and they’re here to show it.

Promoter Frank Warren couldn’t hold back his excitement. “This is gonna be explosive,” he said, emphasizing the electric showdown between McCann and Baluta. He’s betting on this being a transformative fight for McCann.

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The vacant WBO Intercontinental Super-Bantamweight Championship (10 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Dennis McCann tips the scale at 121 lbs 7oz.
  • His opponent, Ionut Baluta, is just an ounce lighter at 121 lbs 6oz.

The British and Commonwealth Featherweight Championships (12 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Nathaniel Collins weighs in at 125 lbs 7oz.
  • Across him, Raza Hamza stands at an even 126 lbs.

The vacant WBC International Super-Featherweight Championships (10 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Ryan Garner stands at 128 lbs 3oz.
  • He’ll be up against Juan Jesus Antunez who comes in at 129 lbs 3oz.

The WBC International Featherweight Championships (10 x 2 Minute Rounds)

  • Raven Chapman is measured at 125 lbs 7oz.
  • Her competitor, Lila Furtado, weighs 123 lbs 6oz.

International Featherweight Contest (6 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Umar Khan weighs in at 128 lbs 8oz.
  • Kevin Trana, is slightly lighter at 127 lbs 5oz.

International Super-Welterweight Contest (6 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Khalid Ali takes the scale at 155 lbs 7oz.
  • Across the ring, Nikola Stoyanov steps in at 153 lbs 5oz.

Super-Welterweight Contest (6 x 3 Minute Rounds)

  • Joel Kodua weighs 151 lbs 9oz.
  • His opponent, Eligio Palacios, has a weight advantage at 156 lbs 6oz.

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Aug 18 2023


2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

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  • Timezone: Europe/Berlin
  • Date: Aug 18 - 19 2023
  • Time: 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM


York Hall Bethnal Green
5 Old Ford Rd, London E2 9PJ, United Kingdom
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