Makabu vs. Mikaelyan - FITE TV - Nov. 4 - 9 pm ET

Makabu vs. Mikaelyan – FITE TV – Nov. 4 – 9 pm ET

Ilunga Makabu, the once-crowned WBC cruiserweight champ, is burning with determination to snatch his title back from Badou Jack, who’s now dancing with the big guys in the bridgerweight division. With a respectable 29-3(25) record, Makabu is set to throw down with Noel Mikaelyan, who’s not too shabby himself, boasting a 26-2(11) record. Hold onto your hats for this fight! And for fans getting ready for the main event, gear up for the “Only in America 92 Celebration” which will also shine a spotlight on two thrilling heavyweight fights.

Zooming into the heavyweight division: Trevor Bryan, with a 22-1(15) record, is locking gloves with Cassius Chaney, who mirrors his 22-1(15) stats. Bryan’s recent rumble saw him hit the canvas thanks to Daniel Dubois’ fists. On the flip side, Chaney was riding high after outclassing Matthew McKinney last year.

Makabu vs. Mikaelyan - FITE TV - Nov. 4 - 9 pm ET

Then there’s Jonathan Guidry, flaunting his 19-1-2(11) scorecard, who will go toe-to-toe with the still-unbeaten Jesus Escalera. Escalera’s 19-0(19) is undoubtedly impressive. But a little birdie told me that despite his age, 43, Escalera hasn’t really squared off against big names. The closest he got was probably with Epifiano Mendoza. Guidry, ever the crowd-pleaser, will likely have Escalera coming out of his corner like a hurricane. Fun fact: Escalera only turned pro a year ago. Won’t it be something if “Tito” (that’s what his buddies call him) walks away with the W this weekend?

And let’s take a moment to tip our hats to the man, the myth, the legend: Don King. Sure, he’s had his ups and downs, but even at 92, he’s still got some pep in his step! The energy he brings is reminiscent of another iconic promoter, Bob Arum. Cast your minds back to when King used to orchestrate events with stars like Julio Cesar Chavez, Azumah Nelson, Gerald McClellan, Terry Norris, and the main event often had Mike Tyson as the icing on the cake. Back then, fans definitely got bang for their buck.

Don King:

“I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity to bring boxing right back to its devoted fans. As we approach the close of the year, we’re igniting the excitement with an outstanding lineup this Saturday.”

“Victory will crown the deserving man, and on this festive night, we witness fighters battling not just for honor but for their own legacy. It’s a gathering of the best in their prime.”

Regarding Makabu’s absence due to travel issues, with expectations of his imminent arrival – “He’s surrounded by more rumors than the infamous Al Capone ever was.”

“Jonathan Guidry, a champion through and through, will face Jesus Escalera from Puerto Rico. Escalera is a hero to the masses, and this title bout is set to showcase two premier heavyweights of the globe. The upcoming fights promise explosive action and an unpredictable outcome from the moment the bell sounds.”

“There’s a fight ahead that’s stirring quite the controversy. Trevor Bryan is on a quest to reclaim his (WBA Heavyweight) title, stepping into the ring with ambition. He’s up against Cassius Chaney, a name that personally resonates with me, echoing the legend who introduced me to boxing, Cassius Clay. Clay was a courageous man who stood by his beliefs at great personal cost. I haven’t seen Chaney in action yet, but his impressive record will clash with ‘The Dream’, and for one, it’ll turn into a nightmare.”

Noel Mikaelian:

“I’m thankful for everyone present and to Don for his generous words. I’m geared up to compete for the most coveted title this Saturday. Be sure to watch it on and My gratitude goes to Don for orchestrating yet another spectacular event. He’s truly the greatest promoter in America.”

“I’ve been eager to challenge Makabu for some time, his southpaw stance is notable, but I’m confident in my ability to adapt to any opponent in the ring.”

As for Makabu’s current absence, “His presence here today isn’t my concern. My only disappointment will come if he fails to appear in the ring when it’s time to fight.”

Jonathan Guidry:

“I’m genuinely privileged to participate in another Don King event. I don’t have many words, but my preparation speaks volumes, and I’m convinced we will deliver an exceptional performance. Expect a spectacular display.”

Jesus Escalera:

“My deepest thanks to Don King and team Guidry for this opportunity. Many have declined the challenge, but Guidry has proven his mettle by stepping up, and for that, I am truly honored. My uncle battled here forty years ago for Don King, and to fight in the same venue carries a special significance for me. My ambition is to honor my heritage and the legacy of Puerto Rico. Come Saturday, we’ll provide clarity to all the questions posed about us.”

“Guidry’s strategic acumen is impressive. He plans to stretch the fight and test my endurance. Admirable strategy indeed. Despite that, if he chooses to take the fight head-on, the outcome could be unexpected. In the heavyweight division, it only takes a single punch. Guidry’s a real contender, consistently active, so I’m bracing for whatever he brings.”

“Don King remains a vital force in boxing, and I intend to add to his legacy with a dynamic performance this coming Saturday.”

Trevor Bryan:

“I’m thrilled to rejoin the stage with Don King. This event is shaping up to be exceptional. While all fights are vying for the spotlight, I believe the fight between Cassius Chaney and myself will stand out. As a former champion, I’m looking to reaffirm my place. No disrespect to Chaney, but I’m stepping into the ring ready to handle business.”

Cassius Chaney:

“I’m a whirlwind of excitement and agitation. I’m grateful to God for this chance and to Don for placing me on this card. A huge thanks to Trevor’s team for agreeing to this fight. My team and I have been relentless in our training, and we’ve stayed patient. Now, in the right frame of mind, I anticipate giving the fans an unforgettable show this Saturday.”

Love him or loathe him, no one can deny Don King’s knack for crafting events that leave fans on the edge of their seats. If you’re itching to tune into this Saturday’s bouts, you can catch all the action on FITE TV, and all it’ll set you back is a mere $19.95. How’s that for a deal? Enjoy the fights!


Noel Mikaelian 196.6 – Ilunga Junior Makabu 197.8


Jonathan Guidry 273 – Jesus Escalera 254


Trevor Bryan 264 – Cassius Chaney 257

(WBA Continental North America Heavyweight Title)

Alexander Castro 159 – Hector Bobadilla 152

Isiah Hart 161 – Cory Caad 165

Isaiah Efrain  Riquelmy 140.8 – Rondale Hubbert 142.8

Promoted by Don King Productions

Venue: Casino Miami Jai Alai

1st Bell: 7 PM ET


Nov 04 2023


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  • Date: Nov 04 2023
  • Time: 9:00 PM - 11:35 PM


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