Joshua vs. Wallin, Wilder vs. Parker - DAZN PPV, ESPN PPV, TNT Sports - Dec. 23 - 11 am ET

Joshua vs. Wallin, Wilder vs. Parker – DAZN PPV, ESPN PPV, TNT Sports – Dec. 23 – 11 am ET

Riyadh Season and DAZN, the giant of sports entertainment, just dropped some exciting news today. Get ready for the “Day of Reckoning,” a knockout event that’s going to be streamed all over the world live on DAZN! Click here to buy tickets!

On December 23 the boxing ring will be on fire with some of the greatest champs going head-to-head. You can catch all this action-packed entertainment on DAZN as a pay-per-view event, available in the UK, US, and over 200 other places worldwide. Whether you’re chilling at home with a smart TV, on the go with your tablet or mobile, or even gaming, you won’t miss a punch.

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This historic fight night is not just on DAZN. It’s also going to be shown on a bunch of local channels in key areas. They’re keeping us in suspense though, as they haven’t announced which ones yet.

Headlining the card will be Anthony Joshua, the former two-time Unified World Heavyweight Champion, facing off against Otto Wallin in a co-main event that’s all about getting closer to world title glory.

In another co-main event, we’ve got Joseph Parker, the ex-WBO World Champ, duking it out with Deontay Wilder, the Bronze Bomber and former WBC world title holder.

Daniel Dubois, fresh from challenging for the world title, will take on Big Baby Jarrell Miller. Plus, IBF No.1 contender Filip Hrgovic is set for a heavyweight clash with Mark De Mori.

Dmitry Bivol, the WBA World Light Heavyweight Champion, is defending his title for the 11th time against Lyndon Arthur. And IBF World cruiserweight champ Jai Opetaia is facing unbeaten British contender Ellis Zorro.

Back to the heavyweights, we’ve got Arslanbek Makhmudov up against European champion Agit Kabayel. And Frank Sanchez is hoping to get closer to a world title shot by beating Junior Fa in Riyadh.

His Excellency Advisor Turki Alalshikh, the big boss of the General Entertainment Authority, is super proud of partnering with DAZN. He’s all about their top-notch sports streaming services and says they’re perfect for showcasing events like this.

Anthony Joshua:

“Big shoutout to the crowd for showing up today. Hats off to you. I’m gearing up to throw down some serious business in the ring. What else is there to say? I’m here to do more than just show up – I plan to dazzle.

“I’m all about the fight, not the flash and sizzle of the party scene. I’m itching to get in there and mix it up. This pressure? I put it on myself. Yeah, I’m wired, because I’m itching to showcase my skills. Winning’s not just a desire – it’s a craving. And about my opponent? Let’s just say, I’m not planning on being gentle.

“Come Saturday, I’m laser-focused. Every fiber of me is zeroed in on Otto Wallin, ready to unleash what I’ve got.

“Third dance in Saudi Arabia. They’ve got grand plans here, and it’s an honor to be part of it. The effort they put into these events? Unreal. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. And you better believe, the last man standing will be back here, basking in that grand vision.”

Otto Wallin:

“Yeah, I’ve got butterflies, but big thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Frank Warren for setting this up. It’s a big-time fight, sure, but I’m primed and ready. Worked my tail off to get here. Now it’s time to savor the moment, win this bout, and stride forward. Upsets? Nah, when I win, it’s not an upset. It’s just the way it’s meant to be. My time to shine.

“I’m just being me. People say I’m chatty these days, but hey, I’m just answering what’s thrown at me. Straight from the heart. Love it or hate it, I’m here to stay.

“I’m the southpaw with a twist, a tough nut to crack. This fight came up quick, and with Joshua’s new coach in the mix, things could get interesting. He used to be all smiles, but now? Looks like he’s about as relaxed as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.”

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Bivol vs Arthur

Dmitry Bivol: “Hey there, folks! First off, a big shout-out to Saudi for cooking up this mammoth bash and tossing me an invite to join the fray. Hats off to my squad, my promoters Eddie ‘The Headliner’ Hearn and Andrey ‘The Ringmaster’ Ryabinskiy from World of Boxing. A hearty thanks to everyone rooting for me. Saudi, eh? Love this place. They know how to throw a boxing carnival, and let me tell you, the Tyson vs. Ngannou showdown? That was a spectacle! I was itching to jump into this kind of hoopla myself. And look at me now, living the dream. Saudi’s really spicing things up for boxing die-hards, serving up a buffet of knockout fights!”

“Why is Lyndon Arthur the right fight for you right now?”

“Life’s a countdown to D-day for me, ticking away to December 24th. Folks keep badgering me about the undisputed title tussle. Sure, it’s in the cards, but right now, it’s all eyes on Lyndon Arthur. I’m giving him the full respect – he’s in my crosshairs. The guy’s got a jab that could snap a photo, and he’s been dancing around the ring a fair bit this year. He’s no walk in the park, that’s for sure.”

“Do you think we can see a knockout on Saturday night?”

“Anything’s possible in the ring, but I’m not one to drool over knockouts. That’s like chasing a mirage and losing sight of the treasure map. If an opening shows up, sure, I’ll pounce on it. But I’m more about savoring the fight, sticking to my game plan, not just swinging for that one-hit wonder.”

Lyndon Arthur:

“You’re really taking this all in this week, aren’t you?”

“I’m soaking it up like a sponge and raring to go for Saturday. Boxing’s been my magic carpet, and here I am, riding high.”

“Are you ready for this task?”

“If I weren’t, I’d be watching from my couch, wouldn’t I?”

“What can you do to upset Dmitry Bivol on Saturday night?”

“Stay tuned for Saturday – that’s when the magic happens.”

“Do you feel like the best is still yet to come from you, Lyndon?”

“Absolutely. I’ve got more tricks up my sleeve than a magician. If there’s a fight to bring out my A-game, it’s this one. Watch this space.”

Jai Opetaia vs Zorro

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize?

“Difficult to focus on Saturday’s rumble? Not a chance – I’m more pumped than a bodybuilder on a protein binge. This isn’t just a fight; it’s a revolution in boxing, a seismic shift! Big ups to your excellency for cutting through the red tape and letting the titans clash. The Opetaia brand is about to stamp its legacy in bold letters. My mission? To leave an impression so deep, it’ll take years to fill.

This is Zorro’s golden ticket, his shot at the big leagues. If he’s dreaming of being the top dog, he’s got to go through me. I’m prepped and primed for the ultimate version of him – let’s just say I’m itching for a brawl.

Zorro’s Vibe?

“He’s chill, like a cucumber in a freezer. His aura? Don’t care. I’m focused on my fire, my crew, my game plan. Zorro could be shooting lasers from his eyes, and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”

Need for a Knockout?

“A knockout would be sweet, but I’m aiming for a masterclass in pugilism. I’m not just here to win; I’m here to conquer the Cruiserweight division and sit on the throne. As for what’s next, stay tuned.”

Heavyweight Aspirations?

“Can I tango with the Heavyweight big boys? You bet. But hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’ve got a checklist as a Cruiserweight, and I’m ticking off boxes like a kid with a new toy. Heavyweights can wait their turn.”

Ellis Zorro:

From York Hall to The Big Stage:

“I threw my wish in the well, and bam – Saudi calls. I was eyeing the Copper Box or The O2, but here I am. Saturday’s the big day, and I’m grabbing this chance like the last slice of pizza.

Cool as a Cucumber?

“Why the zen? Guess it’s just my wiring. Life outside the ring taught me to be as cool as a polar bear on ice. Laser-focused on the job, nothing more.

Thoughts on Jai Opetaia?

“Opetaia? The guy’s a boxing wizard. Wasn’t on my hit list, but I admire his moves. Watching him dance around Briedis was like seeing poetry in motion. He’s got the footwork, the speed, and can take a hit like a champ. He’s going to push me, and frankly, I’m here for it.

Saturday’s Secret Weapon?

“My edge? Sheer, unadulterated willpower. Opetaia’s got his game face on, sure. But my belief in my skills and my hunger to win? That’s my ace in the hole.”

Frank Sanchez vs Junior Fa

DiBella Entertainment’s heavyweight champ from down under, Junior Fa, is strapping on his gloves again this Saturday. He’s squaring up against the undefeated Cuban, Frank Sanchez, in a 10-rounder that’s part of the “Day of Reckoning” rumble. This isn’t just any fight night; it’s the one where Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin are duking it out at the top of the bill. This sizzling showdown is all set to unroll its red carpet in Saudi Arabia, bright and early at 11:00am EST, and you can catch every punch on DAZN Pay-Per-View. This spectacle is brought to you by the tag team of DiBella Entertainment and Warriors Boxing.

Junior Fa, with a record that sparkles like a new penny (20-2, 11 KOs), is still buzzing from his first-round wipeout of Tussi Asafo down in Australia. Meanwhile, Frank Sanchez (23-0, 16 KOs), a knockout artist in his own right, sent Scott Alexander packing in the fourth round last September, keeping his WBC Continental Americas title snug around his waist.

Fa, soaking up the Saudi sun, couldn’t be happier. “It’s a blast being here,” he says, grinning like a cat who’s found the cream. “Boxing’s future is right here, and I’m lapping it up. It’s been a slog to get here, but come Saturday, I’m ready to throw down.”

On Sanchez, Fa’s got respect but no fear. “He’s slick, he’s got the moves, but I’ve got my crew and my master plan. I’m hitting my stride just when I need to. I’ll be bringing my A-game to knock him off his perch. I’m all in to win, no matter what it takes.”

Fa’s training? It’s been like a scene from a boxing movie. He’s been in the trenches with Deontay Wilder, getting ready for his own tussle on the same card.

“Deontay Wilder, that man’s a human wrecking ball,” Fa admits. “You’ve got to be on your toes every second with him, and that’s my plan for Sanchez. Stay sharp, stick to the playbook, and bag the win.”

Lou DiBella, the big boss at DiBella Entertainment, is all praise for Fa. “This guy’s got the chops, the reach, and the toolkit to rock the heavyweight division. He’s already proven his mettle, going toe-to-toe with Joseph Parker for a grueling 12 rounds. Against Frank Sanchez, he’s got the perfect stage to show he’s one of the heavy hitters.”

Riyadh Season’s “Day of Reckoning” (23 December 2023) to be available globally live on DAZN, including in the UK and US.

For just £19.99 in the UK, you can witness all the action live. No need to be a DAZN or TNT Sports Box Office subscriber to buy this blockbuster event. Just hop onto for all the details on how to tune in.

DAZN users? Snag the fight at or through the DAZN app on a bunch of devices like Smart TVs, streaming sticks, laptops, tablets, mobiles, and gaming consoles.

Sky fans, channel 494 is your destination. Grab your remote or head over to to book your front-row seat to the excitement.

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Virgin Media TV watchers in the UK, dive into the On-Demand section for TiVo and V6 box users or hit the Pay Per View Events rail on Virgin TV 360 and Stream boxes.

EE TV audience, channel 495 is where the action’s at. Your remote is your ticket to the show.

And our friends in the Republic of Ireland aren’t left out. You can join the fun via the DAZN app or TNT Sports Box Office through Sky at It’s €29.99, or wait till the day of and it’s €34.99. Get ready to rumble!

· Additional domestic broadcast partners to be revealed in due course.

· Historic fight night sees a galaxy of stars from the world of boxing clash in an unparalleled fight card:

Schedule (All Times ET)

Date: Sat, Dec. 23

  • 11 a.m.: Main Event
    • Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin
  • Co-Feature
    • Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker
  • Undercard
    • Daniel Dubois vs. Jarrell Miller
    • Dmitry Bivol vs. Lyndon Arthur
    • Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Agit Kabayel
    • Jai Opetaia vs. Ellis Zorro
    • Filip Hrgovic vs. Mark De Mori
    • Frank Sanchez vs. Junior Fa

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