Hitchins vs. Lemos, Pacheco vs. McCalman

Hitchins vs. Lemos, Pacheco vs. McCalman

In a raw talk on Matchroom’s ‘Flash Knockdown’ podcast, Richardson Hitchins makes no bones about it – he’s gunning for the spotlight with what he promises to be a knockout show in Sin City. Hitchins squares off against Gustavo Lemos in a do-or-die scrap for the IBF World Jr. Welterweight title eliminator, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

 Saturday, April 6

  • Start Time:
  • USA: 7 PM PST
  • UK: 3 AM BST (April 7)
  • Streaming Details: Live on DAZN
  • Venue: Bleaulive Theater, Fontainebleau Las Vegas
  • Tickets: Available now via Ticketmaster

For Hitchins, a Brooklyn bruiser sitting pretty at 17-0, this is more than just a fight; it’s a declaration. He’s not just looking to best Lemos; he’s out to cement his status as the division’s main man. With a record of 29-0, Lemos ain’t no pushover, but Hitchins is all in, laser-focused on honing his arsenal rather than sweating over the opposition.

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Hitchins doesn’t mince words, “I’m already a force to be reckoned with. Give me the spotlight, and I’ll turn it into a beacon. My name’s already ringing bells like I’m the champ, and that’s just the start. I’m on a mission to not just win, but dominate.”

Come Saturday night, it’s more than just a fight for Hitchins; it’s a statement. He’s been chomping at the bit, eyeing the main event spot since his first dance under the Matchroom banner. Now, with the world title shot within reach, it’s time to leave no doubt where he stands.

In his own words, “This isn’t just another day at the office. This is where I prove I’m cut from a different cloth. I’ve been grinding, refining my game, chasing that elusive perfect fight. I’m all about the sweet science – hit and not get hit. That’s the art I’m bringing to Vegas.”

The night promises fireworks with Hitchins vs Lemos headlining a stacked card. The undercard is brimming with talent – from Diego Pacheco defending his titles against Shawn McCalman to Skye Nicolson’s world title hunt against Sarah Mahfoud. Not to mention, Galal Yafai’s title defense and Marc Castro’s first title bout, rounding out a great night of boxing.

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Diego Pacheco, now a dad, is locked, loaded, and ready to rumble, putting his USWBC and WBO International Super-Middleweight titles on the line against Shawn McCalman. Fancy a seat? Hit up Ticketmaster, and don’t dilly-dally.

Pacheco (20 wins, no losses, and a whopping 17 KOs) is not just fighting for belts anymore; he’s got a little one, Divine, watching his back. The man’s mixing baby bottles with brutal workouts in Seattle, all prepped for what’s billed as his biggest scrap yet.

“It’s all changed, mate,” says Pacheco. The arrival of his nipper has him throwing punches with purpose. He’s not just in it for the kicks; it’s about bringing home the bacon for his tribe now.

Pacheco’s life was boxing through and through, but now he’s playing the long game, balancing the grit of the ring with the giggles at home. “Every jab, every sweat drop, it’s for her,” he admits, feeling the weight of his new role.

Saturday night is just round one for Pacheco’s new life chapter. He’s in the ring for the win, for the family, for keeps.

And the night’s packed with more than Pacheco’s punch-up. We’ve got Richardson Hitchins and Gustavo Lemos eyeing the IBF World Jr. Welterweight title, Skye Nicolson gunning for the WBC Featherweight title against Sarah Mahfoud, and a bunch more fights that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.


6 x 3 mins Welterweight contest
Harley Mederos (134.6lbs) vs Pedro Vicente (134.8lbs)
Brooklyn, New York            Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Followed by
6 x 3 mins Super-Flyweight contest
Steven Navarro (115.6lbs) vs Jose Lopez (114.8lbs)
Los Angeles, California       Puebla, Mexico/Ridgewood, New York


10 x 3 mins WBC Continental Americas Super-Featherweight title
Marc Castro (130lbs) vs Abraham Montoya (129lbs)
Fresno, California                Baja California, Mexico

Followed by
10 x 2 mins WBC World Featherweight title
Skye Nicolson (125.6lbs) vs Sarah Mahfoud (125lbs)
Queensland, Australia           Hilleroed, Denmark

Followed by 
10 x 3 mins WBC International Flyweight title
Galal Yafai (111.6lbs) vs Agustin Gauto (111.2lbs)
Birmingham, England         Buenos Aires, Argentina

Followed by
10 x 3 mins WBO International & USWBC Super-Middleweight titles
Diego Pacheco (167.4lbs) vs Shawn McCalman (167.6lbs)
South Central LA, California              Aurora, Colorado

Followed by
12 x 3 mins IBF Jr. Welterweight World title eliminator
Richardson Hitchins (139.8lbs) vs Gustavo Lemos (138.4lbs)
Brooklyn, New York                          Buenos Aires, Argentina


Apr 06 2024


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Date: Apr 06 2024
  • Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Bleaulive Theater, Fontainebleau Las Vegas


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